Each year, the IETS Data Retrieval Committee present their annual report on global bovine embryo transfer (ET) statistics. In December 2018, the committee released the data collected during 2017 and the figures speak volumes about the growing popularity of in vitro embryo production (IVP).

World records broken

Almost 1.5 million bovine embryos were reported to have been collected/produced in 2017. Of this monumental figure, two thirds (almost 1 million) were produced via in vitro techniques. Compared to the statistics gathered for 2016, there was a 49.5% increase in IVP embryos, whereas in vivo derived (IVD) embryos saw a 22% decline.

Total Transferrable Embryos 2013-2016

(Data Sourced from IETS 2017)

For the first time since IETS records began, the total number of embryos produced AND transferred was significantly greater for IVP techniques than IVD techniques. For a more detailed comparison of the two technologies, please read our blog post. 

In Vitro Embryo Production – IVP

Statistics regarding production and transfer of bovine IVP embryos further demonstrate the exponential global growth of in vitro technologies for embryo production. This impressive upswing in embryo production (49.5%) and embryos transferred (36%) is nicely shown in the graph below:

Global trends in IVP from 2013-2017

(Data Sourced from IETS 2017)

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Following on from the progressive trend in previous years, North America saw a tremendous surge in IVP embryo production, with an outstanding 82% growth compared to the data collected in 2016.

Global trends in IVP by continent from 2013-2017

(Data Sourced from IETS 2017)

As shown in the graph above, the popularity of IVP increased across the board, with significant growth in Europe and South America too! It should, however, be noted that there was no IVP data reported from countries in Asia, who undoubtedly will have seen major growth in these technologies.

In 2018, our Scientific Advisor, Dr Stroebech, travelled to India and China to train embryologists and laboratory staff at some of their major commercial facilities. Why not read more about one of these trips to India?

In Summary

Globally, 2017 was the first year in IETS records in which both the number of in vitro produced and transferred embryos was greater than in vivo.

The production of bovine embryos via IVP continues to increase year on year, with a particular boost in OPU-IVP embryos produced in North America in 2017 compared to 2016.

The more traditional method of embryo production, MOET, has seen a progressive decline in the past 5 years, possibly attributed to the exponential growth of IVP.

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