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Complete IVF Media System

A complete, optimised media system

From OPU to transfer, we provide ready to use, serum-free media for every step in the IVP process.

Each product is optimised to provide enhanced results and convenience, which is further boosted by their synergy when used together.

” We have found IVF Bioscience media to be very effective in supporting in vitro bovine embryo development to blastocyst. We observe excellent cumulus expansion during IVM and high cleavage rates (over 75% cleaved) following IVF.

Blastocyst production using the BO system from IVF Bioscience is high (over 50% blastocysts from cleaved), and the embryos are of good quality with many embryos hatching in vitro. We have been extremely pleased with how this system has worked in our laboratory. “

Rebecca Krisher

Rebecca Krisher, PhD
Research Director at CCRM Research


Ready to Use and Serum Free

Customers love how easy to use our media is. The optimised formulations mean there is no need to add any further components.

  • Serum is excluded from our formulations due to its potential to increase the risk of LOS and affect batch-to-batch consistency
  • IVF Bioscience media instead contain a synthetic serum replacement together with purified Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) as a stable and high quality alternative
  • These optimisations eliminate the need to add any further components to the media – no supplements are required
  • This ensures a quality product, which in turn supports a high rate of embryo development, enhances cryo-survival rates, supports embryo robustness, and provides the consistency of results required for successful in vitro production
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” I have had very good results with IVF Bioscience media. I’ve had a production between 30-45% of blastocysts from bovine slaughterhouse ovaries, and a 55% average production with bovine OPU. The media is very comfortable to use and works very well. Although the maturation rates were equal to my comparison, the fertilisation rates are higher, with a cleavage rate of 83% (vs 75%) using the same sperm. We compared the BO-IVC culture medium against aaSOF and CSC Irvine. The result was the IVF Bioscience media walked through better, had more development, and better quality. Congratulations to IVF Bioscience. “

Adrian Mutto

Adrian Mutto, PhD
Director General of Crest View Genetics Argentina & Deputy Investigator of CONICET


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Proven Synergy Between Media

Superior results are achieved by using the entire media system due to their synergy when used together

This study investigated the performance of IVF Bioscience media as a system compared to their use as stand-alone products with TCM199/SOF.

The use of BO-IVM, BO-IVF, BO-IVC and BO-SemenPrep together as a system produced improved blastocyst rates and higher kinetic and morphology scores than using the products in isolation.

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We apply the highest standards to all stages of media manufacture and quality assurance

The combined large batch manufacture and long shelf life of IVF Bioscience media ensures reproducibility and uniformity, and allows you to work with the same batch for an extended period of time.

Customers can therefore discount the media as a source of inconsistency and focus on other factors when their rates change.

ISO 13485

Manufactured in an ISO 13485 certified facility

The standard applied to human IVF media production

ISO 9001

Handled in an ISO 9001 operating environment

Tests on Every Batch

Bacterial and fungal screens

pH, osmolality and endotoxin checks

Bovine embryo assay (BEA) using a minimum of 700 oocytes from bovine slaughterhouse ovaries


All information documented in Lot Specific Certificates of Analysis

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Improved Results

The IVF Bioscience media system produced in vitro embryos with higher mean cell counts and greater tolerance to seasonal temperature fluctuations.

This study compared IVF Bioscience media (ETB – BO-IVM, BO-IVF and BO-IVC) with a control system. In comparison to the control, IVF Bioscience media was shown to produce a greater number of viable embryos, higher mean cell counts, and far greater consistency in embryo viability.

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” We have used IVF Bioscience media for production of IVF embryos and we have been getting excellent results. Twenty-eight cows have so far been impregnated, with embryos developed with ova from four high-yielding indigenous breeds.”

Charles Looney

Dr Shyam Zawar
CEO at JK Bovagenix


Read more about Dr Zawar’s experience of IVF Bioscience media in our news story: India’s first frozen IVF calves

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Media for Every IVP Step

IVF Bioscience media has been developed and optimised to produce improved results for our customers. We are seeing across the board improvements in rates for customers who switch to the IVF Bioscience media suite, regardless of species.

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