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IVF Bioscience is a world-leading manufacturer of animal IVF culture media. Based in the United Kingdom, we supply media to IVF practitioners through direct sales and a network of international distributors.

At IVF Bioscience we take a partnership approach to our business. We believe that the best way for us to be successful is to make our customers successful. Rather than simply taking orders from our customers, we find out what they are trying to achieve and then work with them to achieve it. This often involves not just advising on the use of our media, but on all aspects of In Vitro Fertilisation.

The IVF Bioscience team combines scientific pedigree with an extensive knowledge of the IVF sector, helping to transform success rates for in vitro embryo production. At the core of our philosophy is a drive for excellence in everything we do. Whether manufacturing, quality control, training and customer support, or order processing, we strive to be the best.

Our experienced team is here to help; when and how you need it. We can provide answers to your technical and protocol queries, offer customised advice and thorough troubleshooting assistance.

Our Mission

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Our Mission

To increase the quality and productivity in global animal production by producing innovative, world-leading media manufactured to the highest standards of quality and consistency.

Our Values

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Our Values

  • Customer Service
  • Improved Results
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Consistency

Our Vision

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Our Vision

To improve worldwide accessibility to in vitro reproductive techniques, to increase genetic efficiency of livestock and improve customer yields.

Meet our Scientific Advisory Panel

Professor Helen Picton
Professor Helen Picton Scientific Advisor
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Dr Carlos Pinto
Dr Carlos PintoMare Reproduction Expert
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Dr Chelsey Leisinger
Dr Chelsey Leisinger Equine ICSI Advisor
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Dr Jonathan Lehouiller
Dr Jonathan Lehouiller OPU-IVP Veterinarian
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Dr Ali Fouladi-Nashta
Dr Ali Fouladi-NashtaIVF Advisor
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Dr Roger Sturmey
Dr Roger Sturmey IVF Advisor
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Dr Peter May
Dr Peter May OPU Veterinarian
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Meet the Commercial & Customer Support Team 

Mike Julian
Mike JulianManaging Director
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Jake Silcock
Jake SilcockTechnical Director
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  • A Customised Solution

  • Tailored Protocol Advice

  • Real-time Practical Support

  • True Experts in the Field

Building Our Customers’ Success

There is more to IVF Bioscience than media. We also work with our customers, sharing our knowledge and expertise. We offer continuous consultancy, tailored protocol advice and guidance to optimise your IVP lab and working practice.

Our goal is to find a customised solution to best suit your particular circumstances, and consequently maximise your rates.

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” IVF Bioscience media has helped us to improve the blastocyst rate and their quality; and led to stable embryo production that is important both in science and breeding industry. “

Ülle Jaakma

Ülle Jaakma, PhD
Vice-Rector of Research at Eesti Maaülikool, Estonia


We proudly support the following annual conferences:

International Embryo Technology Society Logo
American Embryo Transfer Association Logo
Canadian Embryo Transfer Association

Environmental Commitment

As a global company we are aware of the impact our worldwide sales have on the planet so we are always looking for ways in which we can reduce or off-set our carbon footprint.

Here is a summary of our initiatives:

International Distributors – we have distributors in many countries, resulting in fewer long-haul shipments of larger quantities. We also work with our courier services to off-set any carbon emissions as a result of transportation.

Packaging – we use a packaging system derived from recycled materials whilst also possessing excellent thermal properties which can keep our products chilled during shipping. Once received, the entire packaging system is also 100% recyclable.

Media bottles – our premium glass bottles can be sterilised and re-used for equilibrating and preheating media.

International Travel – where we cannot reduce our carbon footprint, we take steps to off-set it. We do this by contributing a percentage of our airfare to schemes which invest in reducing emissions / establishing sustainable wildlife areas.

Digital Communication – we take measures to reduce the amount of paper waste as a result of our day-to-day operations (electronic communications, payment processing and invoices).


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