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Our ready to use, serum-free EQ-Range provides the complete media system needed to routinely perform equine IVP, from OPU right through to transfer / vitrification.

Conventional equine IVF is not repeatable for efficient embryo production in the way that is observed in other species such as bovine, caprine, ovine and camelid. The reasons for this are not entirely understood but is widely thought to be due to incomplete oocyte maturation and/ or incomplete sperm capacitation.

One way to by-pass these barriers is to inject a single sperm cell directly into the matured oocyte in a procedure known as intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).

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” The use of IVF Bioscience media has significantly improved our development rates (maturation, cleavage, and blastocyst) and embryo quality for both our equine and bovine in vitro fertilization studies. The use of defined media and the protocols provided by IVF Bioscience have streamlined the in vitro embryo production in our laboratory. 

Dr Leisinger

Chelsey Leisinger, PhD
Adjunct Assistant Professor, LSU School of Veterinary Medicine 


Discover our complete equine media suite

The EQ-Range provides a ready to use, serum-free media solution for each step of the equine OPU-IVP protocol.

Our innovative EQ-ICSI kit provides the entire collection of products required for the injection procedure, using biologically degradable components.

 “ As part of our ongoing research using abattoir-derived oocytes, we conducted ICSI with the IVF Bioscience equine media suite. We were very pleased with the results; we achieved 80% maturation, 68% cleavage, and 30% blastocyst rates. The time and resources saved by using this ready to use media suite has allowed us to focus our efforts on further optimization of our IVP system and has eliminated the variability observed using in-house formulations. ”

Dr Marina Sansinena

Marina Sansinena, PhD
Laboratory Director at Catholic University of Argentina