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Our comprehensive IVF/ICSI protocol pack, provided for every IVF Bioscience customer, with dedicated protocols for on-site and off-site commercial applications, slaughterhouse trials, and vitrification.

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Bovine On-site commercial protocolBovine Off-site commercial protocolBovine Slaughterhouse trial protocolBovine Vitrification protocol
Equine Slaughterhouse trial protocolEquine Commercial protocolEquine Vitrification protocol

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A series of technique-focused videos for the entire IVP laboratory workflow. Request access to the videos by completing the short form on our protocol videos page.

In Vitro Maturation

Semen Preparation

In Vitro Fertilisation

In Vitro Embryo Culture


Step-by-step worksheets for recording observations and results throughout the IVF workflow. Click the links below to download:

IVM Worksheet

IVF Worksheet

IVC Worksheet

8 Cell Worksheet

Blast Worksheet


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