Shortly before the 45th Annual conference of the IETS was in full swing, the Louisiana State University AgCenter hosted a series of training workshops covering the basic aspects of bovine and equine Ovum-pick up (OPU) and in vitro embryo production (IVP).

The purpose of the symposium was to introduce participants to this increasingly popular technology for animal embryo production and give an idea of the typical workflow that is to be expected.

IVF Bioscience were proud to be invited by the IETS committee to provide the ready to use, serum-free media suites to support both the equine intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and bovine IVF and vitrification modules.

Equine ICSI

The equine ICSI module introduced the basic principles of equine IVP and exposed attendees to the use of the micro-manipulator, which is essential for the ICSI step of the equine protocol.

Led by Dr Chelsea Leisinger and her experienced assistants, this workshop allowed for hands-on demonstration of how to correctly set up the equipment, how to prepare the gametes and media dishes, and most crucially, how to inject a selected sperm cell directly into the matured oocyte.

Using IVF Bioscience’s serum-free equine media suite, attendees discovered ways in which they can adopt this technology into their own laboratories for efficient equine embryo production.

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Bovine IVF and Vitrification

Participants in this session were introduced to the basics of bovine IVF; including preparation of media culture dishes, manipulation of oocytes and preparation of semen for fertilisation.

This popular workshop was led by Dr Dimitrios Rizos and assisted by a team of bovine IVF experts, including our Scientific Advisor, Dr Lotte Stroebech. Participants were introduced to our user friendly protocols for bovine IVF and vitrification in this intense, hands-on workshop.

Dr Teresa Mogas demonstrated the different options that are available for the vitrification and warming of bovine blastocysts. One of which was IVF Bioscience’s 3-step cooling and 4-step warming vitrification protocol, which provides a gentler and easier solution for cryopreservation of embryos. Our R&D laboratory manager, Nadia Hashem, was also on-hand to share her vitrification tips and tricks with the attendees.

Bovine IVF and Vitrification training


These laboratory workshops would not have been possible without the hard work of Dr Ken Bondioli and his team at the AgCenter. A special thanks also goes to all the instructors and demonstrators who contributed time and effort in making the workshops such a success. Finally, thank you to all those that attended, we hope that you enjoyed the sessions and gained some valuable knowledge.