We are thrilled to announce that our serum-free animal IVF media have satisfied all of the necessary biosecurity criteria for importation and are now available for purchase from our distributor in Australia.

In accordance with the conditions of our import permit, several products will need to be supplied bovine serum albumin (BSA)-free, however customers will be provided with a protocol outlining our recommendations for the supplementation of BSA.

This BSA-free media will be manufactured as part of a larger batch of our regular media and will undergo the same extensive quality control tests as all other IVF Bioscience products.

The initial feedback we have received from customers trialing IVF Bioscience media ‘down-under’ has been highly positive, with one customer reporting blastocyst rates of over 50%!

IVF Bioscience BO-Range

Why not try our media for yourself?

Get in touch with our distributor for Australia and New Zealand, Muren Herrid from the International Livestock Research Centre (ILRC), today to discuss and organise your trial of IVF Bioscience media!