Smart assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa are proving to be increasingly helpful in our homes, so why not explore the benefits that they can bring to your IVF laboratory?

Smart Assistants in the IVF Lab:

Having a smart speaker in your lab could help to make your life easier. Here are some ideas of what they can do for you:

  • Set reminders for critical timings – whether you need to remind yourself how long to equilibrate media for or when to remove oocytes from maturation, Alexa has you covered, for example you could ask: “Alexa, remind me to take the oocytes out of the incubator in 22 hours”
  • Dictate important information – working in an IVF lab is often hands-on and taking time out to write notes can slow down your routine. Why not ask Alexa to note important information for you? This information can then be retrieved from your smartphone when you are writing up end of day reports etc.
  • Set countdown for time-critical steps – certain steps of the IVP protocol are time sensitive and being able to set hands-free countdown timers can help to reduce any delays associated with setting the stopwatch.

Alexa IVF Bioscience Promotion

  • Set lab management reminders – with a smart speaker you could have your own personal assistant in the IVF lab, reminding you to verify incubator temperatures & gas conditions first thing each morning!
  • Play music – having background music in your IVF lab could help to provide a more positive working environment.
  • And so much more! Got any other ideas? Please feel free to leave a comment on our social media posts or drop us an email with your ideas on how to reap the benefits of AI in the IVF lab.

Alexa Giveaway:

During recent conferences in both Europe and the USA, we provided attendees with the opportunity to win an Amazon Echo Dot for their IVF laboratory when they visited our stand and registered their details!

Thank you to all who registered to enter our free prize draw. The winner will be randomly selected on 28th February 2020 and will be notified via the contact details provided.