Our scientific advisor, Dr Stroebech, recently spent several days training in these beautiful facilities at Kalsi farm at the foot of the Himalayas, India.

  • Dr Stroebech with local Indian cows
  • Lotte teaching in classroom
  • Lotte observing bovine OPU/IVF
  • Red Shindi and Danish Jersey hybrid

Kalsi farm is going to be centre of excellence for 12 government owned breeding centres throughout India. The training was hosted by Dr Aswal and was attended by colleagues Dr Amit Devrari.

The training was also attended by Dr V.S. Chouhan from far northern India and from further south Dr N.R. Srikanth from Livestock Research Station, Lam.

The purpose of the visit was to train and implement the simplified protocols and ready to use media suite from IVF Bioscience for bovine in vitro production (IVP).

Interestingly, the cows shown in the photos are Red Shindi and Danish Jersey hybrids. The Danish breed were brought over to India on a ship over 30 years ago.

Dr Stroebech shared her expert tips and tricks with the group, providing recommendations on how to further progress this excellent facilities and states: “Proud and honoured to have IVF Bioscience contribute to changing the ET industry in India to IVF and looking forward to our next training session, helping more centres to grow”.

For further information on IVF Bioscience’s training offering, send us an email or visit our training page.