If you liked the look of our June course, you may be delighted to learn that due to a cancellation we have one space available on our August session. Our October course is also filling fast, with spaces reserved on a first come-first served basis! Book today to secure your place.

Our hands-on bovine training courses are expertly designed to provide you with a solid foundation of the skills and experience needed to establish a successful IVF laboratory, as well as optimising transferable blastocyst rates in existing laboratories.

The course includes hands-on practice of the entire IVF Bioscience slaughterhouse protocol, starting with oocyte aspiration, through to in vitro maturation (IVM), semen preparation for in vitro fertilisation (IVF) and finally, denudation and in vitro culture (IVC).

From Maturation to Culture

The sessions are run by our Scientific Advisor, Dr Lotte Stroebech, and her experienced team within our R & D centre in Copenhagen. These sessions can be easily adapted to accommodate any level of IVF experience. In addition to this, our course provides you with a unique opportunity to receive personalised tips, tricks and troubleshooting.

Following completion of the course, our dedicated team will be available to consult and troubleshoot for effective in-lab implementation.

  • IVF demonstration
  • Independent labwork
  • Questions and answers
  • Delegate hands on
  • Dr Stroebech hands on
  • Dr Stroebech teaching pipette tips
  • Dr Stroebech demonstrating microscope work
  • Training observation


For more information on our course offering please fill in our contact form or email us directly at: support@ivfbioscience.com