Snowy Colorado Springs

At the end of October, the IVF Bioscience team headed to the beautiful Cheyenne Mountain Resort to join more than 450 members of the AETA and ACTE/CETA for their joint annual convention in Colorado Springs. This meeting saw an action-packed two-day itinerary, with great talks, excellent company and a warm atmosphere!

Meeting our new USA Distributor: Agtech Inc.

The AETA/CETA meeting provided us with the ideal opportunity to meet up with Dr John Curtis and Tom Patterson from Agtech Inc, the latest addition to our network of global distributors. We know that Agtech has an excellent reputation with their customers and we think this will be a great alliance for all concerned.

This is certainly an exciting era for both IVF Bioscience and Agtech, as the growing popularity of IVP was once again reflected in the official statistics released by the committee and we received plenty of interest in our IVF products at our stand.

We very much look forward to working together with Agtech to continue making in-house IVP more accessible and achievable.

What did we get up to?

Members of the IVF Bioscience team enjoyed visiting the breath-taking landscapes that Colorado Springs has to offer. Due to the frosty conditions, we sensibly opted for a sheltered jeep-tour of the mountains and Garden of the Gods.

Kissing Camels

The annual joint convention offers a great opportunity for us to catch up with our US and Canada customers and meet new people within the industry.

We were asked many questions however the big two that kept cropping up are as follows:

Should IVF embryos be treated differently to MOET embryos?

IVF embryos are more sensitive to their environment than those derived in vivo. It is therefore important to minimise fluctuations in temperature, pH and osmolality, as these are particularly harmful to IVF embryos.

Is it really possible to run my own IVF lab?

In a word, yes! With the right training, equipment and attitude, great results can be achieved with even the most basic of laboratory facilities.

A big part of what IVF Bioscience can offer your business is the support and guidance to make running your own IVF lab a reality. Read more about how you can start your journey towards independent IVF embryo production.

What’s next?

The meeting in Colorado Springs marks the end of a very successful year of conferences for IVF Bioscience and so we would like to thank the organising committee for putting together yet another excellent conference.

We have enjoyed meeting each and every one of you in 2019 and we are looking forward to a busy year of conferences starting with the IETS in New York in 2020. We hope to see you there!