The IVF Bioscience team just returned from Murcia and we would like to thank the organisers of the AETE for another great conference and we are looking forward to the AETE next meeting in Dublin 2020.

Practitioners and Sponsors Talk

For the first time in the AETE program, there was an opportunity for sponsors and practitioners to discuss new developments in animal assisted reproductive technology (ART). We were proud to be joined by Dr Ruben Francisco Vazquez who gave an overview of the immense success that Xenetica Fontao has achieved since changing to IVF Bioscience media and protocols.

Dr Vazquez highlighted some of the key advantages of the IVF Bioscience media system:

  • Customer support
  • High standards of quality control
  • All products are serum-free
  • All products are ready to use
  • Long shelf life
  • One-step culture system

Thank you Dr Vazquez for such a great talk highlighting the key changes made in your lab and for sharing your success story with the audience.

AETE Pioneer Award 2019

This year, the prestigious AETE pioneer medal was presented to Dr Poul Hyttel in recognition for his lifetime contribution to the field of animal assisted reproductive technologies (ART).

Our Scientific Advisor, Dr Lotte Stroebech, has collaborated with Poul on many projects, including the current EliteOva project.

Dr Poul Hyttel Pioneer Award 2019

Dr Hyttel gave an inspiring talk on the “wheel of science”, taking the audience on a journey through his many accomplishments throughout his career as a scientist.

During his talk, Dr Hyttel acknowledged the development of IVF Bioscience’s optimised and serum-free IVF media suite as a key driving force behind the resurgence of bovine IVF in Denmark.

Congratulations to Dr Poul Hyttel on this well-deserved honour!

What’s next?

IVF Bioscience are in St Petersburg for the ESDAR meeting so please do stop by for a chat if you are attending!

IVF Bioscience Stand

Our final conference of the year will be the AETA/CETA in Colorado Springs in October. We hope to meet you there!

Not attending any conferences this year? No problem – you can still get in touch with a member of our team today via our contact form, live chat or give us a call!

Round-up from AETE 2019