Laboratory Stress

For anyone working in an IVF laboratory, one of the biggest time drains is the preparation of media. Media preparation is not only time consuming, it is also complex, repetitive and – let’s be honest – boring. No-one enjoys the feeling of not having enough time, but a recent study from Princetown University is now highlighting the impact that this time stress can have on our well-being.

The researchers surveyed over 6,200 people from across the United States, Canada, Denmark and The Netherlands to investigate the feelings of time stress, which have been linked to reduced happiness, increased anxiety and insomnia. They found that by using money to buy time (i.e. paying someone else to do something you would prefer not to do) you can protect yourself from the negative impact of time stress on life satisfaction, increasing your personal happiness.

With this in mind, the list of reasons to switch to a ready to use media system just gained an extra point – it will not only save you time, but will also make you happier!

  • A complete, optimised media system
  • Ready to use
  • Serum free
  • Proven synergy between media
  • Highest standards of manufacture and quality assurance
  • Improved results
  • It will make you happier!

Ready to use media allows you to skip out the media prep stage of your IVF work, saving you time and eliminating the risk of media formulation mistakes (all too common with in-house media).

But how much more does it really cost?

And how will this impact my rates?

We are often asked just how much extra switching to our media would cost. Of course the exact figures will be different for each individual lab, but to give a flavour, we’ve got a classic example from a UK based lab group, and the results may surprise you:

Comparison of the original costs of producing media in-house with the cost of buying IVF Bioscience media

In-house media IVF Bioscience media
Total cost of production equipment and reagents:


Total cost of equivalent IVF Bioscience media:


Includes: filter tips, weighing boats, oil, serological pipettes, falcon tubes, cryotubes, pH meter calibration, syringe filters, syringes, and media reagents for one month*. Includes: supply of Wash, BO-IVM, BO-IVF, BO-IVC and Oil for one month*.

*Their laboratory materials and calibration costs were calculated on an annual basis, then divided to give a per month cost. This is compared with the equivalent amount of IVF Bioscience media they would require each month to run the same number of cycles.

So the overall cost increased by £140 each month, but the group also saved themselves from 12 hours of work for media production every month. So unless you value your time at less than £12 an hour, the media switch actually saves you money as well as freeing up time.

And when this happiness-inducing time saving is combined with a boost in rates, it’s not hard to see the motivation in making the switch – after all, how much do you value that extra calf on the ground?

Calf in Field