It’s almost time for the 31st Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Embryo Technology Society, to be held in Cabo de Santo Agostinho on 17-19 August.

The SBTE conference sessions will cover a broad range of science and technology topics, including: in vivo cattle models, animal welfare, in vitro production of bovine embryos, oocyte and embryo quality, sperm selection techniques, cryopreservation and international embryo trade.

Stroebech, Kadarmideen and Hyttel

From left to right: Dr Lotte Stroebech (Scientific Advisor for IVF Bioscience), Professor Haja Kadarmideen (Director of the Danish GIFT consortium) and Professor Poul Hyttel (Co-PI for GIFT in Denmark)

This year the conference will open with a workshop focused on the outcomes of the GIFT – Genomic Improvement of Fertilization Traits in Danish and Brazilian Cattle – Project, which aims to link embryo technology and systems genetics/genomics in order to boost OPU-IVP traits and heifer pregnancy rates, as well as develop whole genomic selection programs for the identification of superior donors and recipients.

Look out for IVF Bioscience’s Scientific Advisor – Dr Lotte Stroebech – who will be contributing to the GIFT workshop as a Speaker on the topic of:

Embryo Development Following Oocyte Maturation during Transportation

Dr Stroebech’s session will provide an update on the embryo development research from the University of Copenhagen presented at the IETS conference in January earlier this year, where BO-HEPES-IVM medium was used to quantify the significant impact selecting the correct oocyte maturation transportation vial has on embryo development.

Check out the SBTE Conference page for further details of the event, or get in touch with the IVF Bioscience team for a copy of the IETS 2017 Poster and pH indicator guide.