The IVF Bioscience team is back in the office following a great conference with the European Embryo Technology Association in Bath last week. Although the weather wasn’t perfect, we did manage to snatch some opportunities to explore the beautiful city between the showers.

IVF Lectures

Luckily the weather didn’t hold us back, and the AETE organising committee created a wonderful program, with highlights including a tour of the Roman Baths and delicious Gala Dinner, and a popular and informative pre-conference practitioner repro day, featuring Hanna Grothmann and Lotte Stroebech presenting our Bovine IVF Workshop.

The workshop attendees were particularly interested to learn about the typical rates achieved in the lab, and enjoyed the instructive video demonstrations of the core techniques of in vitro embryo production.

Elsewhere during the conference, we again received interest from laboratories across Europe and beyond. A common question asked on the stand was:

“How is IVF Bioscience media better than the media I make in my own lab?”

As it comes up so often, we thought we’d share some of the reasons here:

  • Our media is much less hassle than a homemade system, as there is nothing to add or mix: the media can be used straight out of the bottle
  • This saves you time, not only in terms of making the media, but also in testing and checking the quality of the media you make, and removing the risk of having to re-make a poorly performing batch. We QC test every batch of media we manufacture, and they are used all over the world, so you can be sure of a consistent and reliable product
  • The formulation is serum-free – we instead use a synthetic serum replacement combined with BSA. This allows for a consistent quality product, without the risk of the side-effects caused by serum
  • The rates achieved with our media typically match or better the rates with traditional TCM/SOF systems. You can check out these previous posters from IETS meetings for comparison studies:

For more information on the range, plus extra advantages switching to our media could bring, check out the IVF Media Suite page, or to try it for yourself, fill out our Request a Trial form.

Round-up from AETE 2017