Welcome to IVF Bioscience’s November Newsletter. Read on to find out:
1. Why the vial you choose could be killing your embryos
2. How you could get hands-on IVF training in 2017
3. What caused the loss of half a million cows worldwide?

Are you impairing your oocytes during transportation?

Selecting the correct oocyte maturation transportation vial has a huge impact on embryo development.

IVF Bioscience’s Scientific Advisor, Dr Lotte Stroebech, has recently conducted a new study at the University of Copenhagen. The study revealed that choosing the right vial material (plastic/glass) and corresponding optimal number of oocytes for maturation during transport could significantly improve your rates.


For further details on which vial to choose and how to fill it, visit the poster session at January’s IETS conference is Austin:

Hashem et al (2017, January)
Bovine embryo development rates are affected when oocytes are matured
in different vials containing HEPES/bicarbonate buffered medium


Interested in attending an IVF Bioscience workshop?

IVF Bioscience will be running a series of hands-on IVF workshops in 2017, and we’d love to hear from you about what you’d like us to include, when we should run them, and where.

Send an email to jen@ivfbioscience.com to fill us in on what you’d like from a workshop.

In the news…

How can one bull have such a big impact? A genetic mutation traced back to one of the most prolific bulls in history is thought to be responsible for an estimated 500,000 spontaneous abortions in Holstein cattle worldwide. Now that this mutation has been identified it can be tested for, allowing the problematic mutation to be avoided in future generations by using breeding technologies.

To read the full story, click here.

Holstein cattle at the UC Davis Dairy Facility (Gregory Urquiaga/UC Davis)

IVF Bioscience now has media available for delivery from within the USA

We now have product available for delivery from within the USA. This will mean shorter lead times for all our USA customers, so get in touch if you’d like to start your trial.

Where we’ve been…


We’ve attended some great conferences in the last couple of months: the AETE meeting in Barcelona, the SBTE conference in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil and the AETA-CETA/ACTE meeting in St Louis, Missouri. A particular highlight was the Advanced Embryo Transfer preconference seminar in St Louis, which included a session on oocyte handling & embryo manipulation run by Jane Pryor and Matt Barten.


Our Scientific Advisor Dr Lotte Stroebech has also been to the Estonian University of Life Sciences (EMU) to consult on their SEARMET project. The project’s aim is to improve the in vitro production of bovine embryos at EMU via the implementation of the model of excellence from the University of Copenhagen (UCPH), and a commercial scale-up plan for introducing commercial OPU/IVF. For Dr Stroebech it was great to see that the knowledge transfer between UCPH and EMU was well on track following the training of Estonian staff in Copenhagen and our consultancy in Estonia.

Where we’re going…


Its next stop Texas for the IVF Bioscience team, with the IETS conference in January shaping up to be a great meeting. With a program theme of “From molecules to animals: small things make big things happen” and a Practitioners’ Forum asking “What do you want to know about OPU/IVF in Cattle?”, this conference is set to focus on the future of assisted breeding, and the exciting role that IVF will play.

Visit us on stand 12 to find out more about how our serum free bovine IVP media could help you make the transition into this rapidly growing field (and pick up one of our signature cow mugs too).


Sincerely, the IVF Bioscience team