Other Species

Bovine, Ovine, Caprine and Camelid

IVF Bioscience media is suitable for bovine, ovine, caprine and camelid species

IVF Bioscience Animals

“Great cleavage and blast rates”

“Many caprine embryo transfers from IVF with positive ultrasounds”

“Over 45% blastocyst rates in sheep and high pregnancy rates too”

We have customers around the world using our media with cattle, goats, sheep, camels, bison and buffaloes

Map of the World Cow Outline Grey

“I have been testing IVF Bioscience media and one other source. I had very good success with my first round with goat ovaries using IVF Bioscience media and haven’t had as much success with the competitor. I really do prefer IVF Bioscience media.”

Dawn Bresnahan

Dawn Bresnahan, MS, PhD. Assistant Professor
Dept. of Animal Science at Berry College


A ready to use media suite with several key advantages

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