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25 Years of Media Expertise

IVF Bioscience combines scientific pedigree with an extensive knowledge of the IVF sector, transforming success rates for in vitro embryo production.

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The science behind the development of our media

Dr Strøbech

Lotte Stroebech DVM PhD

Dr Stroebech has also been at the forefront of many significant advances in the development of animal IVF media. She has more than 15 years’ experience in IVF media development. Her position as Affiliate Associate Professor of Anatomy and IVF Lab Director at the University of Copenhagen gives our customers access to a true expert in the field, providing real-time practical support and guidance from her working laboratory.

  • A Customised Solution

  • Tailored Protocol Advice

  • Real-time Practical Support

  • True Experts in the Field

Building Our Customers’ Success

There is more to IVF Bioscience than media.  We also work with our customers, sharing our knowledge and expertise.  We offer continuous consultancy, tailored protocol advice and guidance to optimise your IVP lab and working practice.

Our goal is to find a customised solution to best suit your particular circumstances, and consequently maximise your rates.

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” IVF Bioscience media has helped us to improve the blastocyst rate and their quality; and led to stable embryo production that is important both in science and breeding industry. We are grateful to Dr Lotte Stroebech, IVF Bioscience’s Scientific Advisor, for her consultancy and continuous support. “

Ülle Jaakma

Ülle Jaakma, PhD
Vice-Rector of Research at Eesti Maaülikool, Estonia



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